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Corporate Tax in Ireland: What You Need to Know

Corporate Tax in Ireland What You Need to Know




Are you considering setting up a business in Ireland? If the answer’s yes, we’ll guess you’ve stumbled upon the attractive corporate tax rate of just 12.5%. If you haven’t, we’re glad to be the bearers of good news. 


Ireland’s corporate tax rate is one of the lowest in Europe, competing with European rates above 20%. However, don’t go packing your bags just yet: understanding the ins and outs of corporate tax will play a vital role in making informed business decisions and ensuring tax compliance.


In this article, we’ll go over fundamental aspects of corporate tax in Ireland, including:

What is Corporation Tax?

Corporation Tax refers to the tax that companies registered in Ireland need to pay on their profits. It doesn’t matter if the company is big or small; as long as it’s a tax resident in Ireland, it’s liable for Irish Corporation Tax. 


Keep in mind that this tax is applied to the company’s worldwide income, not just the profits it makes within Ireland. So, regardless of where the money comes from, the company needs to pay its share of taxes to Ireland.

Corporate Tax Rates in Ireland

Here’s a handy breakdown of the different corporate tax rates in Ireland:


Corporate Tax Rate

Type of Income



Trade Income (Active Income)

Profits from trading or selling goods/services.


Non-Trade Income (Passive Income)

Income from rental properties or investments. 


Knowledge Development Box

Profits from qualifying assets like computer programs and patents.


Remember, the low tax rate isn’t the only thing you should think about when considering setting up a company in Ireland. 


Other factors our country has going for it include the business-friendly environment, skilled workforce, and access to the European market. Our team loves working here not just because we’re proud of our country but because it’s one of the best places to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs in a system that supports our ambition!


Benefits of Low Corporation Tax

Back in 1956, Ireland set out on its path towards a low corporate tax system by offering tax relief on export profits. The country’s decision to embrace a low tax regime stems from a number of compelling reasons. These include:


Attracting foreign investment: Ireland’s enticingly low corporate tax rates attract foreign direct investment (FDI) from multinational corporations. The favourable tax environment has made Ireland an appealing choice for companies seeking to expand their operations.


Supporting innovation and research: Ireland has implemented a number of tax incentives and reliefs (such as Entrepreneurs Relief) to encourage research and development activities. The low corporate tax rates, coupled with R&D tax credits, make Ireland an attractive destination for innovation-driven companies.


Boosting economic growth: Ireland’s strategic use of low corporate tax rates drives its impressive economic growth. By creating a business-friendly climate and attracting enterprises, Ireland has generated job opportunities and spurred economic development.


Competitiveness: Ireland’s low corporate tax rates have positioned the country as a competitive player in the global market. Its tax regime allows it to stand tall among other countries, successfully luring businesses from all corners of the world.

How to Qualify for Corporation Tax in Ireland

How to Qualify for Corporation Tax in Ireland

Before you can pay Corporation Tax in Ireland, your company must be registered as a tax resident in the country. This means its central management and control should be in Ireland, and the requirement applies to companies incorporated in Ireland or with main business operations in the country. 


Once registered, you can fulfil your Irish Corporation Tax obligations.

Proving Tax Residency in Ireland

To prove tax residency in Ireland, your company needs to show that its main decision-making and control operations are based in Ireland. This includes providing documents like board meeting minutes and financial statements. Having a physical office or business premises in the country can also help support your claim of tax residency.

How to Determine If Your Company Owes Taxes in Ireland

If your company qualifies as a tax resident in Ireland, it’s usually obligated to pay taxes on its worldwide income. However, certain exemptions and incentives may be applicable depending on business and income type. To ensure the most tax-efficient approach, seek guidance from experienced accountants in Ireland.

Irish Corporation Tax Examples

Here are some examples of how the Irish Corporation Tax may apply to different types of companies:


Trading Company: A company selling products or services will generally pay Corporation Tax at the standard rate of 12.5% on its profits from trading activities.


Knowledge Development Box: Companies engaged in qualifying research and development activities may enjoy a lower tax rate of 6.25% on the income they earn from specific intellectual property assets. This lower rate is designed to encourage and support innovation within these companies.


Passive Income: Income from rental properties or investments is subject to a higher Corporation Tax rate of 25%.

Don’t Forget to Submit Your Corporation Tax Return!

Of course, to ensure Corporation Tax compliance, you’ll need to file an annual Corporation Tax return with the Revenue Commissioners. Use the Revenue Online Services (ROS) website for online submissions, or contact our team of experienced accountants


Filing accurately and on time keeps you qualified and avoids costly penalties!

Managing Your Accounts More Effectively

Failing to keep accurate and updated financial records and file tax returns on time could quickly become a recipe for financial and legal issues. To put it simply, “trouble” isn’t outlined in your business plan. 


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