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Our mission is your success

We want to make it easier than ever to start and operate an SME anywhere in the world.

Expert human accountants, augmented by bespoke software.

On our mission to make starting and operating an SME easier than ever before, we discovered that finance is an unnecessarily complex burden on entrepreneurs and managers.


Most accounting firms are not set up to, or want to focus on small businesses. This is not how they make their money, meaning SMEs do not get the level of service they need. Bookkeeping and other financial services are too costly, too slow and do not help SME owners and managers to understand their numbers.


Voila, Outmin! We are turning an industry on its head, for the better. Our founders have built a company and model that helps SMEs owners feel in control, gives them full visibility of their finances, and access to a dedicated certified accountant that requires the bare minimum input from its customers. From payroll, to bookkeeping to tax compliance, Outmin does it all for you.


We do this by marrying the latest automations and technology with a customer-focused team of accountants to provide something unique, easy and cost effective.

Ross is a highly accomplished entrepreneur a proven track record of success. Before Outmin, he served as co-founder of Cainthus, an AI and computer vision company. With a strong background in accountancy & finance, Ross has served as Finance and Operations director at Comex McKinnon. Outside of Outmin, Ross is an avid rugby fan.

Ross Hunt

Co-Founder & CEO

David has over a decade of experience growing early stage tech companies. He began his career in Investment Banking in Canada before taking up a role with Third Core Venture Expansion Partners and working closely with some of the leading tech startups. Since returning to Ireland he has spent over 4 years as Head of Revenue for Jobbio. Outside of Outmin, David enjoys playing golf.

David Kelleher

Co-founder & CRO

Conor has vast experience working as CFO with multiple SMB’s as well as running his own business. Conor’s accounting experience, alongside 9 years of finance management experience, provides a well-rounded service for his clients.

Conor Stanley

Head of CFO Services

Jane has experience building teams, technology strategies, and products from the ground up. Jane previously worked as CTO at the AI startup Cainthus until its acquisition. Prior to joining Cainthus, Jane worked at CERN and made contributions to the historic discovery of the Higgs boson. Outside of work, Jane enjoys participating in marathons.

Jane Cummings


Jamal is our UK ACCA and MBA accredited senior accountant and team lead. Jamal has over 8 years of experience in Accounting, Finance and Tax. Outside of work, Jamal enjoys playing cricket, watching sports and travelling.

Jamal Khalid


Iradiada is an ACCA qualified accountant with over a decade of experience. Outside of work, Iradiada spends her time volunteering for a philanthropic cause.

Iradiada Ghizatulin


Amy is an ACA qualified accountant and one of our team leads. Amy has almost a decade of experience, including working within different jurisdictions, mainly Ireland and Canada. Outside of Outmin, Amy enjoys watching rugby.

Amy Sheeran


Natasha is one of our accountant team leads at Outmin, with auditor and management account experience. Outside of Outmin, Natasha also lectures at Technological University Dublin, enjoys yoga and reading, and watches football and rugby.

Natasha Brereton


Sohaib is our UK MSC and ACCA Member accountant with over 7 years of practise experience. When not crunching numbers, Sohaib likes travelling with love of exploring new places and culture whilst being a cinema enthusiast.

Sohaib Saeed


Sandra is an ACCA Finalist with over four years of experience in Accounting. Outside of work, Sandra enjoys reading, spending time in nature and travelling.

Sandra Pavincic


Cassie is an ACCA qualified accountant, with over 6 years of experience, including working as an accountancy tutor with a qualification in training delivery. Outside of work, Cassie enjoys knitting, yoga and swimming.

Cassandra Stack


Raymond comes to us with a wealth of experience in accountancy. Crunching numbers by day & hitting the gym by night. He is an avid bookworm & personal trainer. Raymond enjoys his work and prides himself on being organised, time efficient and professional.

Raymond Ejibunu


Owais is our Senior Accounts Assistant with a Masters in Accounting & Finance and has 3 years of experience in Accounting and finance. Owais regularly likes to participate in analytical tasks as learning is his top priority. Outside of work Owais likes to explore nature and watch movies.

Owais Zahoor

Sr Accounts Assistant

Anand is our assistant accountant helping the Irish clients. Anand has over 7 years of expertise in accounting, GAAP, IFRS. Anand loves to spend time watching sports.

Anand Joseph

Sr Accounts Assistant

Michelle has a Business degree, and previously worked in large organisations payrolls and HR departments. Michelle’s most recent role was in an accountancy firm taking care of payroll, VAT and accounts. Outside of work, Michelle enjoys going on walks and spending time with her family.

Michelle McBrien

Payroll Team Lead

Ruth is an APA and QFA qualified Customer Success Executive, with over 5 years of experience in Financial Services, with previous experience as a Credit Analyst in AIB and a Credit Support Team Leader in Finance Ireland. Outside of work, Ruth enjoys hiking and travelling.

Ruth Farrelly

Customer Success Executive