Who We Are

Our mission is your success

We want to make it easier than ever to start and operate an SME anywhere in the world.

Expert human accountants, augmented by bespoke software.

Advances in Computer Vision and human-in-the-loop AI has meant that it has become inefficient to oversee admin functions that can require expensive bookkeepers, accounting or finance experts as well as multiple software packages even at the early stage of a company.

Our Chairman, Ross, realised this when working for Comex McKinnon, an international soft commodity trading company, in 2010. He built an enterprise system from scratch that enabled one accountant to handle over €400m in transactions while producing real time financial reporting and business KPIs, autonomous tax calculations, resulting in their audit taking just 3 days.

Since then the march of technology has meant a far more powerful iteration of these principles is now possible and available to everyone in the business community, Outmin.

We want the future to arrive sooner, we want to help our customers build great products and services to delight their customers.

Meet The Team

ross hunt outmin

Ross Hunt

Co-Founder & CEO

Ross is the co-founder of Cainthus, a computer vision company dedicated to bringing low-cost, high-frequency, passive measurement to Agriculture. He previously served as Finance & Operations Director for Comex McKinnon, sat on the Exponential Advisory Board of Singularity University and worked with organisations including ARPA-e, Otherlab and the EU Commission.

conor outmin

Conor Ryan

Co-Founder & Head of Compliance

Conor Ryan is an ACA Qualified Accountant who has spent the last 20 years as a Director of Ryan and Crowley Chartered Accountants. During this time he led the audit team, was in charge of compliance in the practice as well as providing hands-on support to a wide range of clients, from independent contractors and startups to enterprise businesses.


David Kelleher

Co-Founder & CRO

David has 10 years experience working with and growing early stage technology companies. He started his career in Investment Banking in Toronto, Canada, before working with some of Canada’s leading tech startups in his role with Third Core Venture Expansion Partners. Since returning to Ireland he has spent over 4 years as Head of Revenue for Jobbio.