Outmin Pricing

A transparent, monthly price that includes ALL of your accountancy, accounting software and bookkeeping costs.


No Contract


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All Packages Include:


We calculate payroll, issue payments and payslips, provide Gross to Net reports, handle tax and update your accounts with the figures.


All done for you. You simply upload your invoices, expenses, receipts and bank statements and we do all the data entry and processing.

Real-time Management Accounts

Forget monthly, quarterly or annual management accounts, we provide your Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss and Cash Flow Forecast every day.

Year-End Accounts

No more end of year scramble or pain. We keep accounts updated every day and provide you with audit-ready Annual Financial Statements for no additional charge.

Real-time Business KPI Dashboards

Gross Profit, Net Profit, Burn Rate, Run Rate, Customer Acquisition Cost and whatever else is important to you can be displayed in real-time.

Tax Compliance

All handled for you. Corporation Tax, VAT Returns, Income Tax and PAYE.

Compliance Filings

We ensure you are constantly compliant with B1, B10, A1 and Company Constitution.

Company Secretarial & Formation

We act as your Company Secretary and will even handle new Company Formation.

R&D Tax Credit Management

We help clients prepare their R&D Tax Credit to receive the maximum return possible.

Unlimited Accounting Support

Your dedicated Outmin Accountant is there to help you understand your figures, provide advice and answer any questions or concerns.


Up to 20 transactions
2 Employees



Up to 50 transactions
5 Employees



Up to 150 transactions
10 Employees



Up to 250 transactions
20 Employees



Up to 20 transactions
2 Employees



Up to 50 transactions
5 Employees



Up to 150 transactions
10 Employees



Up to 250 transactions
20 Employees


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Your Data
Getting Set-Up
Outmin Vs Traditional Accountants
Outmin Vs other Accounting Software
How does Outmin differ from traditional accounting software?

There are lots of good accounting software platforms on the market but the biggest challenge with them is somebody needs to configure, understand and input data into them. The only input required to Outmin is uploading your transactions and we take care of everything else.

How does Outmin differ from a traditional accountant?

The biggest difference between Outmin and a traditional accountant is that we’ve developed our own software platform to make the experience easier, quicker and cheaper for our clients. We also provide real time data, have a low cost subscription pricing model with no additional costs, and are an all in one solution (bookkeeping, software and accountancy services).

Is Outmin an accounting firm?

Yes, we are a fully accredited accounting firm.

What if I already have an accountant?

We can work alongside your existing accountant once you are happy for us to take over your bookkeeping.

Are there any additional costs for Year-End Accounts?

No, they are included in the monthly subscription fee.

What is a transaction?

A transaction is anything required for bookkeeping, e.g. receipts, invoices, expenses, payroll transactions.

What if I exceed my transaction limit?

If you exceed your transaction limit we will notify you and you may be upgraded to a bigger package in the following month.

How is Outmin so cost-effective?
  • For a number of reasons, primarily: 
    • 1) we leverage technology where possible to automate repetitive tasks previously done by a human 
    • 2) we are solving the ‘data problem’ in accounting which previously required a lot of time and effort from bookkeepers, accountants and their clients which is expensive
Do I have to sign an annual plan?

No you don’t, you can cancel your monthly subscription anytime with 30 days notice 

Does Outmin integrate with my existing accounting software?

No we don’t integrate with other accounting software because we provide everything you need through our platform.

Does Outmin integrate with merchant platforms like POS, eCommerce, Stripe etc?

Yes, we manage all integrations and can work alongside virtually every merchant platform on the market.

How do I sign up to Outmin?

Simply talk to one of our team and we’ll bring you through the simple process

What is required to get set up?

There are a number of ways to do this, generally we get your last set of management accounts and all the transactions since and upload them.

What if my accounts are in a mess?

Don’t worry, just talk to one of our team and we’ll assist.

How do we keep your data safe?

Your data security is our top priority. We use data encryption, follow GDPR guidelines and have regular backups to ensure your data is never lost. ss

Can I export my data at any time?

Yes, you can export all your up to date financial data at any time.

Manage On The Go

We’ve built Outmin to support you at any time, upload or access data from your smartphone, anywhere in the world.