PI is a 56 seater pizza restaurant in the heart of Dublin City Centre offering collection and delivery. PI offers delicious wood-fired pizzas made with fresh ingredients, promoting the best Irish artisan producers.


Dublin 2, Ireland

“Outmin has helped us dramatically reduce costs and we now get simple weekly and monthly financial reports. They’ve solved one of our biggest business problems while saving us money.“

John Savage, Owner


Needed a solution to reduce accounting costs and get a quickermore scalable financial reporting solution.

Why PI uses Outmin:

  • A 66% reduction in accounting costs per month
  • 10 hours saved per month on admin
  • Access Business KPIs and Management Accounts in real-time on desktop or mobile
  • Make better decisions with better data at their fingertips


PI had used Xero accounting software, an accountant, bookkeeper, and a number of other apps but struggled to get access to accurate reporting without a large time commitment each week.

Gathering all of their documentation was time-consuming and painful, and the monthly costs for the finance & admin side of the business were substantial. With the business poised to expand to multiple locations, PI sought an effective and scalable solution for their finance function.


PI chose Outmin as their virtual finance function at a 66% lower cost than before.

Instead of manual data input at different stages throughout the month, Outmin automatically integrates with various systems used to run the business including Bank accounts, POS, Purchasing, and Time & Attendance. Outmin engages directly with suppliers to handle all of the bookkeeping & data entry, payroll, VAT, Year End accounts, and more.

This is all done by Outmin’s platform and dedicated accountant.

“It’s like having a finance team working in the background who I can chat to at any time. I can now spend more time on more productive activities like making sure we deliver the best possible experience for all of our guests”


Outmin has dramatically simplified and augmented PI’s finance function with less cost and better data.

  • Outmin gives a clear view of PI’s Weekly KPIs and Management Accounts via the Outmin app for desktop and mobile.
  • With Outmin, Pi reduced their accounting costs by 66% as compared to their existing solutions.
  • PI now spends 10 hours per month less on administration and finance, leaving more time to focus on operating the business.
  • Outmin gives PI a better insight into the business at any given time, which they can use to make better financial decisions and run a more profitable business.

“I was surprised at how straightforward the onboarding process was, I just gave the Outmin team the access they required and they did everything in less than a week. I’d recommend Outmin to any hospitality business owner, I had been looking for something like this for a long time and am really seeing the benefits of the tool.  These benefits will compound as we open in more locations.
John Savage

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